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About us

MAVRANS is a lifestyle brand, proud of its carefree identity and maverick mind, looking to embrace the unique style and expression of each individual. Through our hand-drawn prints, we aim to express our generation’s mood with a very clear goal in mind: to bring you the softest and comfiest leisure clothing in the world while at the same time contributing to make the Earth a better place to live in! You can now easily upgrade your wardrobe, without forgetting about the environment’s needs, with our fabrics made with 100% recycled plastics. Let me tell you a little bit about how MAVRANS started. My name is Michael Szklaver, the founder of a brand which has been deeply influenced by the fact that I was born and raised in Miami, home of beautiful beaches and Art Deco architecture. While attending business school, I worked in retail, something that really helped define my future. At the same time, I got interested in exploring the arts, taking several photography classes as well as immersing myself deeply in environmental studies and exploring the actions we can take to contribute our grain of sand to saving the world! Once I graduated, I went into corporate retail and started my professional career. I quickly learned the ropes and used those skills to shape what would become MAVRANS. It took a long time to create the first collection, focusing on finding the right factories with the ability to develop the eco-friendly fabrics I needed to respect my vision. Additionally, finding the right artist to hand draw our amazing prints was a huge challenge, someone able to capture all the creations I had inside my mind. In a nutshell, MAVRANS mixes all of my main interests in one, bringing fashion, art, the environment and retail into one truly inspiring journey that keeps growing as we speak! Without further ado, I will now let you enjoy all of my creations but, please, do not forget to show off your eco to the world with #MAVRANS

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