Mavrans Design Swimwear is Taking Miami by Storm & Helping Save The Planet

Designer Swimwear That Helps Save the Planet

This Florida city is well-known for their high-fashion options as well as their crystal clear beaches. Can you guess what city it is? If you were thinking Miami: you’re right!


It is also one of the many cities where companies are taking initiative to turn recyclables into new and exciting products. By doing this, these companies are attracting a larger population of consumers that purchase products that benefit the environment rather than ones that could have negative impacts in the future.
Mavrans is striving to be one of these companies with their unique approach to swim trunks and their overall mission.
They are a Miami-based company that use technology to turn plastics into fashionable & rad swimwear! Mavrans designer swim trunks are so stunning & unique that you’ll be turning heads at the beach, pool, or anywhere else where swim trunks are acceptable that you go to this summer.
Plastic - What’s the issue?
Plastic is found practically everywhere and in almost all products sold. It has also become a rising issue for the environment because of the growing number of plastic products being produced every year.
Miami Surf Rider Foundation writes, “Plastics have undoubtedly helped us to manufacture, package and ship goods more easily, for less money, and in some cases more safely than ever before. But, plastics pose a significant threat to our planet as well. Part of the problem is plastic itself. The very qualities that make it an adaptable and durable product to use, also make plastic an environmental nightmare. You see, plastics do not biodegrade. Instead they photodegrade – breaking down under exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, into smaller and smaller pieces.”
Because companies like Mavrans are taking plastic waste and turning them into a reusable product,  they are not only helping the environment but are also giving consumers a reason to really invest in their company as a whole.   
What is Happening to Marine Life?
Oceans all across the globe have been greatly affected by the plastic waste of consumers over the past decades. This waste rapidly increased as online stores became more popular and the need for plastic products then skyrocketed because of the growing number of online consumers… the problems go hand-in-hand.
Miami Beach Rising Above states, “The increasing presence of plastic in our environment is a concern for Miami Beach and other coastal municipalities. Although it has provided numerous benefits to the modern world, it is estimated that 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean annually and 100 million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic debris. Just as importantly, almost half of the plastic produced is considered to be single-use plastic; meaning that it is only used once and then discarded.”
Mavrans uses 100% recycled plastic to create their eco-friendly, performance-stretch swim fabric on every men’s designer swim trunk and one-piece bikini they aim to sell! With companies like Mavrans creating rad swimwear that is purely recycled plastic, they are aiming to help decrease the plastic waste found around the world one pair of frat trunks at a time!
Tips for Plastic Use
Recycling is a pretty effortless task but can be easy to overlook when performing everyday activities. For those who want to be more environmentally conscientious, here are some tips that you can try and implement in your every day:
  1. Water Bottle Alternatives— There are many great alternatives when it comes to plastic! Water bottle alternatives can either be metal, glass or reusable plastic that can also be very fashionable!
  2. Reusable Shopping Bags— stick to reusable shopping bags instead of the plastic ones at the store typically provided at check-out. By having a larger population do this, the use of plastic can be reduced dramatically.
  3. No More Plastic Straws— Try to use alternatives to things such as plastic straws. Many restaurants are now using paper straws instead of plastic to reduce their plastic output.
  4. Just Recycle!— It may take one extra minute to take a recycling bin out in the morning, but the environment & the future generations to come will thank you.
How do companies like Mavrans help?
As environmental issues keep increasing, consumers are turning to companies like Mavrans that are focused on helping the environment through their missions & products. Harvard Business Review states, “More and more consumers are looking into sustainability—as opposed to just price and performance—when choosing what products to buy and which brands to buy from. In a survey of 54 of the world’s leading brands, almost all of them reported that consumers are showing increasing care about sustainable lifestyles. At the same time, surveys on consumers in the US and UK show that they also care about minimizing energy use and reducing waste.”
Harvard Business Review also adds, “Some retailers and manufacturers—in the apparel, footwear, and electronics industries—have launched programs to make their customers interested in preserving their products and preventing things that still have value from going to the landfill. By offering services to help expand the longevity of their products, they’re promising quality and durability to consumers and receiving the reputational gains for being environmental friendly.”
Mavrans can say proudly that they are one of these companies!
What does Mavrans Offer?
Mavrans offers products that are made from 100% recycled plastics that range from designer swim trunks, men’s printed shirts, women’s one piece swimsuits, as well as accessories like backpacks and hats that are sure to be a hit on the beach this summer!
Each product has its own unique colorful design that will draw attention and make people ask where you got that rad swimwear.
Each piece of swimwear is $79.00 and every purchase helps to improve the environment. 7 News writes, “The look is different, and the material is different, because this is a different kind of swimwear”.
More Information
If you visit the Mavrans website, you will be able to access the sizing chart for all the men’s designer swimwear and colorful shirts available for purchase.
Each US purchase comes with complimentary shipping and returns so you can enjoy the perfect product of your choice. You can also take a look at the list of their best sellers here on this website, See if you can rock any of the rad swimwear options this summer!
For inquiries, visit and fill in your name, email, number, and message and Mavrans will be happy to get back to you while they sip their drinks in their rad swimwear on the beach!